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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some journeys are meant to be traveled alone, but with faith they aren't truly alone

I was talking to my fiance last night and she expressed concern for a family member's well-being.  Those who know what I am talking about will know what I mean.  But, to those who don't just say a prayer.

Anyway, unfortunately, life was humming along until 2009.   I'm not saying it was humming along great or that it was problem free--in some ways the problems were hidden.  Anyway, if you'd have told me that next 6 years would be a complete shakeup, yet I'd survive, I'd have thought you were nuts.  But that's just what happened.

It's hard seeing a loved one hurting, especially when it is a situation beyond their control.  Sometimes, we just want to reach in and help them out or point them to an easy solution.  But, sometimes there isn't an easy solution. Sometimes, we just want to find the right words to say, but sometimes there aren't the right words to say.   That's the perspective of the witness to the loved one who is hurting.   It's a helpless feeling...

When we are hurting--whether it is heath issues, the loss of a loved one, the destruction of a marriage, the loss of full-time custody, the loss of our beloved residence, etc--we sometimes wonder when the good times will come back (or if they ever will). Sometimes, like Christ we have to bear our cross and often we have to bear it alone.  We should remember that He bore the weight of world on his shoulders.  He suffered temptations, He suffered pain, He suffered heartache, He suffered a death of the flesh and he at the moment of His greatest suffering, He suffered separation from the Father.  Yet, despite it all, He lives!  

This is not to diminish and say our present suffering is nothing comparatively, but rather to give us hope if the Son endured and came out triumphant, perhaps with the Father's help, we can too.

At the moment of His greatest anguish, His disciples could not be there for Him.  They were weak in the flesh.  They could not stay awake for Him and they were frightened to identify with Him.  In a way, they didn't have what it took to be there for Him.  Often we have those moments too.  We feel alone and we feel that no one in our circle can understand our present suffering.  Perhaps that is true, but knowing, just as there was tomorrow with Jesus during his present suffering, we can rest assured that better days are ahead if we endure.

We may feel like the song below, especially when there is no one there who can truly understand, but if we put our faith in God, He will hope us through the tough times.  It hurts to travel alone, but sometimes it is a necessary self discovery step and if we rely on the Father, we are never really truly alone.