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About myself and my blog.

I'd like to introduce myself first.  Hi, I'm Rich.  I'm a recovering addict and codependent.  I grew up and live in the St. Louis area and am married with a daughter and step-daughter and stepson.  We have a dog and 3 cats.  They keep us busy.

Birth of a Blog Concept

When I first started this blog, it started out as a recovery blog for me and others. I'd come to see within family and through the experiences of others, how intimately linked addictive behavior and codependence is. However, I've decided to expand it. It will now cover my basic understanding of human nature as well. As I am a Christian, I will come at it from a Christian perspective. I hope to share my thoughts, my understandings, experiences and experiences of others I have had the pleasure of meeting. My friends my see themselves in my blog, but I will be careful to be respectful and not share names when to do so would harm others. My sincere hope is that my posts one day can help others. I would like to pass on the wisdom and experience the Holy Spirit has directed me to see. Thanks, Rich

1) Above all I want to be seen as a truth-seeker--Good or bad.  The day I stop seeking truth is the day I stop growing emotionally, intellectually, mentally and spiritually.  I give God the credit for giving me a good mind and leading me on my journey.

2) I don't have all the answers and I don't claim to always be right.   Only God knows the answer.

3) I am open to ideas for my blog.  If I see things differently or someone presents a valid different point of view I am not dogmatically tied to my point of view.

4) My blog is meant to be organic.  That is to say, while my life, the lives of those around me and what I see in the larger society shape my thoughts, I try to avoid lifting ideas directly from others as anyone can regurgitate another's ideas.  I want my blog to grow naturally, shaped by experiences of myself and others as well as observations.

5) Ideas are inspired by others, but this blog is not meant to be a cataloging of myself or others.  In other words, while others shape this blog, this isn't meant to be a biography or autobiography.  If you see yourself in any of the blogs, hopefully what I am inspired to write can help.

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