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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Space: The Final Frontier

While I believe that most people are social creatures and need and even sometimes crave positive interaction with others: children, parents, spouse, friends, etc., I believe that people by and large have a need for space from time to time.  They need it to re-energize, to recharge, and to quietly consider their lives--what's important to them and even their relationship to God.

I've heard the term "man cave" so many times.  For a guy, it is thought of his own space or spot in the house or own area he can retreat to for peace and quiet.

But, over time, I've come to a different understanding of what the meaning of 'man cave' (space) is.  It doesn't have to be a spot to retreat to in one's house.  It doesn't even necessarily have to be one's house.

Here are some examples of where one can find his (or her)  man-cave (or she-shed)--that is their space.

  • Space can be somewhere besides one's place.  If you love your work, it can be there.  If you own a garage for example and are working on restoring an old Corvette Stingray that could be your place.  It could be at your best friend's place.  It could be at a place where you hang out listen to music, play pool, throw darts...  It could be literally anywhere else.
  • Space can be your own place.  You could have a room designated as your own in which you are not disturbed unless they knock.  That's the classic definition.  It could also be your garden area outside in which you are left alone to tend.  It could be your work area.  It could be literally anywhere on your property.
  • Space doesn't have to be a physical spot either.  It could be a time that you have completely to yourself uninterrupted, while family is out at school, work or just doing something else.  
  • Space doesn't actually have to be alone time either.  For example, if everyone is around the house, but is quietly, peacefully and separately entertaining themselves, you can have your own virtual space   For me, as you might imagine, this is my blog.  If everyone else is reasonably and contently occupied and I'm just typing away, I feel a certain freedom.
Anyway, just some thoughts to consider as you search for your own space.

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