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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Faith: Learning to Cut the Kite String at the Right Time.

Interestingly enough, I've found that some of my worst choices have come in spite of 'knowing better' or having warning signs in the way.  I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this.  Sometimes when I've want something so much, despite huge red flags, it was easy to "cut the kite string" and let 'fate' have it's way with my life.  Yet, during a time when I genuinely need to cut the kite string and let my Higher Power (God) have ultimate authority in my life, I sometimes just float the kite up to him and ask for help, all while keeping the kite on a string (in case I need to reel the kite back in and assume 'control' again).  I would characterize it as "Idiot Faith" vs. "Genuine Faith".  That is to say, I've indulged 'idiot faith' while pushing aside 'genuine faith'.

Characterizing Idiot Faith:

  • There is a roadblock or a sign up saying, "Danger Ahead", but there is also a 'Destination' that appears desirable and within reach.  So, you think, 'If I have to leap over the abyss or build a flimsy bridge to reach that destination, then so be it.'  I'm sure somehow I will escape with barely a scratch (if one at all).
  • You've run into this or similar roadblocks before and been burnt or hurt by ignoring them.  Yet, the Destination is so appealing that you tell yourself if I do things a bit differently this time, I can make it to the Destination minimally scathed at worst.  This despite scars from previous attempts to reach the Destination.
  • Instead of waiting to see if the Destination is good for you at this time or ever or if your way of trying to reach the Destination is sound, you charge ahead letting go of the kite string, leaving consequences to 'fate'.
  • It can appeal to a desire to take a shortcut to happiness or contentment.

Characterizing Genuine Faith:
  • Recognizing when your Higher Power has watched over you.
    • Providing you what you need, even when you didn't properly ask.
    • Protecting you from the full consequences of "Idiot Faith" that held and exercised.
  • Recognizing your Higher Power knows what is in your best interest, even when you don't.
  • Letting go of expectations (cutting the kite string) and trusting that the God (the wind) will be able to help you carry your problems, rather than trying to hold hold onto them.
  • Willingness to do what is best or right, even when it seems unappealing, knowing that following your Higher Power's will in the end result in the best overall outcome.
  • Willingness to wait for your Higher Power's timing.

I guess for me it works like this: Sometimes, if I have the (illusion of) control over a decision, choice or circumstance, then I am more willing to step out on a limb or to cut the kite string as it were.  When I rightly give up control (or worry) about the decision, choice or circumstance to my Higher Power, I sometimes worry if I will get what I need, when really what I mean is what I want.  Ultimately, I guess the take away is I have to learn to take ME out of the .  That doesn't mean that I play no role and wait around for my Higher Power to rescue me when my world is being 'flooded', but instead play my role according to His will and afterwords "Let Go and Let God".

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