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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Healthy Escapes and Believers of Daydreams

I was listening to The Monkees - Daydream Believer and found it terribly bittersweet.  Sad really.  Music, like life today seems to be complex and often distressing.  It often has an attitude or carries an intense message.  Now, I like many other people appreciate the expression of ideas or thoughts, even ones that aren't comfortable, in the form of music.  But, sometimes I think we live in a world of too much intensity.  It's almost as if we are addicted to intensity in all forms:

  • The 24/7 news cycle.
    • Negativity is hard to avoid.
    • Negativity is repeated and reinforced.
  • Having grown-up ideas/concepts/'decisions' forced upon us at an early age.
    • Inappropriate commercials.
    • Pressed to take sides in adult cultural issues at an early age.
    • Images and sounds of rioting, violence, hate, and terrorism.
  • Broken families are common place.
  • Widespread availability of narcotics and other illicit drugs even to kids.
  • Widespread availability of 'screen' in every form (TV, iPod, cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops)
Now we've gone through turbulent and divided times before, but it never has life been thrown at us--especially kids--so early, rapidly, repeatedly and recklessly.  It's no wonder kids are growing up into adults addicted to screen, drinking, drugs, porn and the list goes on.  That being said, I'll take the devil's advocate position for a moment before I engage the main subject.


Growing up, my dad would drive us to wherever and I paid only scant attention to the route or the way to get there.  In other words, since I wasn't responsible for getting us there, I didn't care so much.  As an adult, I pay a lot of attention to the routes as I am forced to.   Likewise, perhaps things have always been this turbulent and I was a bit more detached from it as a kid as I largely didn't have adult responsibilities to deal with it--that is until I was around 15, when my parents divorced, but I digress.  In other words, maybe it life seems more complex or intense because when I am more aware and attuned to it as an adult.


In a world so complex, constant and in our face, what can we use to pull back from the intensity and not give into it and all the addictions and hangups it spawns?
  • Exercise and play.  
    • This can benefit our health if not taken to an extreme.
    • This can benefit us psychologically if not taken to an extreme.
  • Reading
    • This can help us to slow down.  
    • Instead of bouncing from site to site or from game to game on screen, it can help to focus and quiet our mind.
  • Retreats
    • Camping--church, family or group.
    • Sweat Lodge
    • Personal growth/interest conferences.
    • Local park
    • Man-cave/she-shed or whatever your space around the house is called.
  • Helping others
    • Assisting with elderly.
    • Assisting with kids.
    • Assisting with the poor.
  • Relax
    • Slowing down the sound and listening to soothing music.
    • When overwhelmed, take a power nap.

These are just a few ideas of healthy escapes.  Maybe I am right?  Maybe the days of daydream believing are long gone?  That being said, if we can find healthy escapes and slow down the pace and intensity, we may not find the nirvana of daydreaming, but we may be able do defuse the intensity and struggle of everyday life a bit.

Just some thoughts.

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