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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love transcends time...

In the spirit of the Valentine's Day weekend (original post--2/15/15) which will soon be coming up again, I thought I'd post (repost) another entry on love.

So, quite a while back I was talking to a friend about relationships.   He had noted that bar relationships tend to fail when one gets sober.  They may fail even if both get sober.  In other words, once the filters are removed, once the beer colored glasses are removed, they see each other's flaws that were previously 'hidden'.

So, this got me to thinking:  How does one know what is true love?   I'm not sure if this is what defines it, but I think this is definitely a great indicator of true love:  true love transcends time.


Here's the theory:

If a couple was coming of age in the 2000s, they might share a joy or appreciation of technology.  They might relate on the basis of 9/11 facebook, youtube, texting, candy crush, etc.

Take the same couple and put them in the 1970s, the might relate on the basis of disco, the brady bunch, the bicentennial, match game, etc.

Put the couple in the 1960s, they might relate on the basis of the JFK assassination, Vietnam, the peace movement and flower children and the

Put them in the 1950s, the might relate on the basis of the Korea, the dawn of the rock and roll era, etc.

In the 1930s and 1940s, they'd relate on the basis of the depression and WWII, big band music etc.

And so on and so forth.


The point is the same couple will have some elements within them--it could be love of their fellow man, their faith, love of children, etc.   These elements within them attract the couple to each other.  It would not matter what era they were in, they would see something in each other's essence that would draw them to each other.  In other words, 'the things', the exact surroundings, the politics of the era would change, but their core beings--that which attracts them one another--would not change.  To me, if you can say it doesn't matter what era my significant other and I grew up in, we'd find a way to each other, that's an indication of true love to me.  You'd be saying our souls are compatible.  The soul connection is not dependent on the specifics of the era, but instead on the specifics of what animates each person.

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