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Friday, March 24, 2017

2016: The Happy Gilmore Election

I normally don't get political in my blog.  It really is meant to be study or observations on  addiction/codependent behavior and human nature.  But, an insight I had this week was too good to pass up.  I will try to be somewhat even-handed about it as I really don't want this to be a springboard for arguments on politics.  Really, it is meant to be a humorous observation/take on the 2016 election and the human nature behind it.  So, here goes.

I think it's fairly safe to say that most people (but not all) were surprised by the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.  But, in hindsight, it shouldn't have been that big of a surprise.  Think Happy Gilmore and you'll understand. Let's break the election down and compare it to Happy Gilmore for some perspective.

Many Trump supporters:

  • Like in Happy Gilmore, they were new to the game.
    • Trump picked up large crowds, many of whom were in large part new to the political process. 
    • Happy picked up large crowds many of whom were not new to golf.
  • Their 'hero' was unconventional.
    • Happy was a lifelong hockey player turned pro-golfer.
    • Trump was lifelong businessman turned Presidential candidate.
  • Their 'hero' was not political correct 
    • Happy had outbursts on the course and openly vented his frustration unlike conventional golfers.
    • Trump does stream of conscience speaking & tweeting in a way unlike conventional politicians.
  • They saw an establishment that had contempt for them.  They saw Hillary as arrogant like "Shooter MacGavin". They saw Shooter as someone who despised Happy as Hillary seemed to with Trump.
  • Their 'hero' was the underdog whom the establishment tried to block at points.

Many Hillary supporters:
  • Saw Trump as uncouth/improper oaf, just as Shooter & much of the 'respected' golf establishment saw Happy.
  • Saw Trump as a dangerous potential leader who would 'go off'' without warning in Tweets and who would cause diplomatic rows.  Just like Shooter saw Happy as an 'unhinged' idiot who could be thrown off balance and who'd be prone to problems, like Happy was when he brawled with Bob Barker after being heckled mercilessly. 
  • Many saw a lot of Trump's supporters as being racist/redneck in the way that Shooter saw many of Happy's fans as lacking etiquette.
  • Couldn't imagine that she could lose to Trump, just like Shooter couldn't believe that he could lose to such a graceless buffoon.  
  • Shocked and stunned when she lost, just as Shooter was when he did. 

  • Happy, like Trump was new to the scene, upsetting the old order and making enemies, but his outrageous style also peaked the golfing world's interest, just like Trump peaked the political world's interest.
    • Much of the golfing establishment was appalled by Happy, but he was kept in the game to drive up attendance and ratings.
    • Trump appalled much of the establishment, but he drew media attention with his words and tweets.  He was kept high profile as it was good for ratings.
  • Happy like Trump was at one point thought to be a fluke who'd fade into the background, but defied expectations and stayed in the game like Trump stayed in the race. 
  • Happy collected wins as did Trump along the way.
    • For Happy first it was it was wagers, then it became a local tournament, then it became the professional tour.
    • For Trump, first it was a close Iowa, then NH and South Carolina, Super Tuesday and off to the races.
  • A few in the old order supported Happy, like a few in the old order supported Trump.
    • PR head Virginia Venit for Happy in Happy Gilmore.
    • Sen. Jeff Sessions for Trump.
  • Both at their peak had some stumbles.
    • Happy
      • He lost the AT&T open badly.
      • He got into a fight with Bob Barker after he was heckled by 'plant'.
      • His coach Chubbs Peterson falls to his death after being spooked by an alligator head.
      • He loses the house in auction to Shooter MacGavin and must win the "Tour Championship" to get the house from him.
      • On the final day of the Tour Championship, a crazy man hired by Shooter runs Happy down injuring him. Later overeager fans up up climbing up and knocking over a tower which obstructs the final hole for Happy.
    • Trump
      • He had setbacks in Colorado, Wisconsin and few other states.
      • He had a few setbacks with Tweet storms that were controversial
      • He had a setback with the Access Hollywood tape.
  • Both recovered and won
    • Trump blitzed across battleground states in the fading days and won with close victories in a few key states when few thought he would win. He also overcame his controversies.
    • Happy learned to better manage his temper and he practiced his putting at a mini-golf course and got better at it.  He kept up with Shooter on the first 3 days of the "Tour Championship", but was thrown off on the last day.  At the end, when the course become impossible, somehow Happy played the impossible course (using his mini-golf skills) and dramatically won.

I believe that like Trump, people had strong feelings about both the character Happy and the movie Happy Gilmore.  Many love Trump, like many in the movie loved Happy.  However, there are many that despise him, like there were many in the movie that despised Happy.  Like Trump himself, many see the movie as a "Cult classic".  Others see the movie as another juvenile pile, just like Trump himself.


Anyway, my takeaways from this blog are the following.

  1. If we see this as a Happy Gilmore election you will understand why Trump won.  He was different and underestimated at many points in the election. like Happy was.  Trump's fans at rallies really did translate into votes.  Just like Happy's fans on the course, helped encourage him.
  2. Just like Happy, Trump won the "Tour Championship".  It was called the "November election".
  3. It remains to be seen if Trump succeeds like Happy did.  Happy not only won the Tour Championship, but he got Grandma's house back.  Trump won the "Tour Championship", but it remains to be seen if he gets back grandma's house (has a successful term).
  4. If you get too mad reading this post, you need to lighten up and see it as sarcastic as it is meant.  Yes, I realize the Presidency is a serious matter, but it's nice to be able to laugh at the serious stuff occasionally.

All I have to say is this.  After reading this, I hope you are all Happy.  HAHA.


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